Is that Possible to Use WordPress Hosting for E-Commerce?

E-commerce is not a new thing anymore. In the era where technology is rapidly growing, e-commerce comes for those who like to use technology a lot. As you know, communicating is not difficult compared to the past. Various social media are provided now and they simplify the communication. Furthermore, the activity of selling or buying becomes easier as well. You do not need to go anywhere to shop since it can be done from your hands. It is incredible indeed.


Using WordPress for E-Commerce


As mentioned above, the activity of selling and buying is being a trend. Another name for that activity is e-commerce. As the technology is growing fast, e-commerce also tends to grow. This field is believed to grow bigger in the future. In fact, people are able to shop almost anything from their house only. It is truly amazing.


Well, as a big and popular CMS, WordPress provides its users to create any website that they want, such as forums, portfolios, business websites, e-commerce, etc. As you see, you can use WordPress hosting for e-commerce. The extension of this platform is called WooCommerce. For your information, WooCommerce has ranked the first in terms of popular e-commerce platform.


The question is: why can it place the first in the market? In fact, WordPress is popular among internet users. Its ability to help people creating their own website makes it favorable. It is obvious if the WooCommerces is also popular. It can be concluded that there are many WordPress users who use their site for e-commerce. If you are interested in creating a new site on WooCommerce, let’s get to know the pros and cons. Check them out below.


  1. Pros


  • Similar to the WordPress, WooCommerce is free as well. This is such good news for those who want to have their own e-commerce site, but don’t want to spend money.
  • The installation of the site is very easy. The features are not difficult. If you are new to this, don’t worry for not being able to operate it.
  • The site can work on various devices.
  • You can add unlimited product attributes in it and also add unlimited products.
  • Similar to other e-commerce sites, this one includes reviews and ratings for costumers. You can get feedback from there.


  1. Cons


  • The plugin of this site is free for sure. Yet, if you wish to eventually set the store, it can be quite expensive.
  • WooCommerce can work with WordPress only. Free hosting will be not available, so users need to pay for that.
  • It is not easy to create if you are not a user of WordPress.


It has elaborated for you the pros and cons that come from WooCommerce. Although it is mentioned that the non-users of WordPress can find difficulties when creating WooCommerce, it is not that difficult if you are willing to do that. This is the end of the section and good luck in creating your e-commerce site.