Do You Want to Improve your WordPress Performance? Below are the Tips

Tips for Improving  your Wordpress Performance – Many of us maybe wanted to improve the WordPress Performance for some aims such as for increasing our page view, makes a better SEO and many more. If you wanted to improve your WordPress performance, here are some tricks and tips that will be useful for you.

  1. You Have to Choose a Good Web Host

Choosing a good web hosting is really important because if a web hosting that you used isn’t good enough, your site will be failed easily. We suggest you for using Siteground as your web hosting because it is recommended by the official WordPress. Besides that, if you wanted to spend a little bit more, you can use the “WPEngine”. This is a managed hosting provider from WordPress that will take care all of the things for you.

  1. Use a Caching Plugin

You can have some problem if there were a lot of people visiting your site because of the process that is used on WordPress. That is why one of the Tips and Trick to Improve WordPress Performance is by using the caching plugin. This plugin will give a serve a version of cached of a page for the users. One of the recommended plugins is the WP Super Cache Plugin. Some other people are maybe used the “W3 Total Cache on Wp Beginner”, but this plugin had not been updated for a long time. That is why; a lot of users will be switching soon.

  1. Using CDN is a Good Idea

We can say that a lot of files on our websites are statics such as CSS, images and also JavaScript. Normally, these files will be not change. A problem that is usually occurred is that these files can stop a browser to download your page. The files can be able to stop it displaying a page for your users. On this case you really need a “CDN” or it is also called the content delivery networks. This CDN will serve your static files from all of the servers in this world. It will make your website run faster and give a better experience for the users. One of the recommended CDNs is the MaxCDN because it works really well with WordPress and all the caching plugins.

  1. For Speed do not forget to optimize the Images

What is the most engaging content from a web? Yes, we can say that it is the images. A lot of websites have dozen of images on their web and it can make a slower loading time. So, our next Tips and Trick to Improve WordPress Performance is optimizing the images for more speed. You have to make sure that each of the images that you used is properly optimized. You can use the image editing software for this case and most of this software allows you for saving the optimized image versions still in a good quality. In the other words we can say that they are not reducing the quality of your images. You can see the further instruction on the internet